Mockingjay Madness (Update 16)

Okay. The wait is over. Sort of. I am waiting, rather impatiently, for my local bookstore to open (at 10am!) so that I can go and buy my copy of Mockingjay. I had nightmares that I was late and didn't get a copy, but I'm sure that my bookseller wouldn't so that. Hopefully.

So, I am going to continue to post some links to contest and such that might be of interest, but I am not going to post any spoilers or reviews. Even though I'll probably finish reading mine today, I'm not going to post a review for a few days. But there will be NO SPOILERS on this list or in my review. I promise!

Here are a few million links that I've found thus far (I've bolded the new entries for today, 8/24):

Explain which "team" you're one, Peeta or Gale, and win a copy of Mockingjay from Market My Words! Closes tonight at midnight, 12 PST.
Haven't read any of the books in this series yet? Not sure if it's right for you? Well, here's your chance to join Team Hunger Games! Crazy-For-Books is giving away a COMPLETE SET of this series to someone who's never read any of it! What a great opportunity!

The League of Extraordinary Writers has done their research. Maybe Ms. Collins was inspired by the past in her planning of the future?

Want to win a boxed set of the Hunger Games series? Check out this contest on LibraryThing. 

Paperback Dolls are hostng a MEGA Mockingjay Giveaway. Seriously. Tons of books and clothes and other merch. It's pretty crazy.

Angela of Dark Faerie Tales is holding a Mockingjay giveaway--There are two copies up for grabs!

SUZANNE COLLINS READS ALOUD CHAPTER ONE OF MOCKINGJAY! Thanks to Ladybug from Escape in a Book for this link!

The League of Extraordinary Writers posted a poll: What do you predict for Mockingjay? Will *gasp* Haymitch die? Is Cinna a secret agent? Find out what others think!

Presenting Lenore is hosting the District 10 stop on her blog. And--get this--She's giving away a Hunger Games ipod. That's right. An ipod with a Hunger Games logo. I didn't even know there was such awesomeness.

Day two in the Mockingjay Countdown from Smitten With Books is starting! Rev up your creativity--Here comes another day of cool challenges!

Tynga from Tynga's Reviews is offering up a copy of  Mockingjay to two lucky winners! This is all courtesy of Scholastic.

Novel Novice has compiled a list of lesson/ discussion ideas for teachers and fans. This is a great resource to have!

The ParaJunkee's View blog is offering up a chance for two lucky entrants to win a copy of Mockingjay! Scholastic is providing the copies and all you have to do to enter is comment on this post! Ends 8/31.

Lucky Librarian earned her name! She met and interviewed Suzanne Collins! Read all about it here!

The Bibliophilic Book Blog is offering up a copy of Mockingjay to two lucky winners! Enter here.

The bloggers at Reading Teen are gearing up for their Mockingjay Read-A-Thon. They've decided to start by reviewing the Hunger Games. Make sure to check out their site tomorrow for the Read-A-Thon!

Melinda Lo explains why she's firmly planted on Team Katniss. Which is awesome. Because she's right, though I hold no grudges against anyone who takes sides about Peeta v. Gale. I just happen to like Katniss whether she's romantically attached or not. Single. Refreshing.
Books Obession shares a few Mockingjay Ramblings...Which include opinions about the No-ARC policy for this book, Team Peeta v. Gale, and predictions for book three. Interesting reading!

Chick Lit Teens offers up some ideas as to how you can show Mockinjay love!

The First Novels Club posted a video of Suzanne Collins answering 5 questions. Ever wondered if any of the characters are drawn from real life? What her strategy would be in the Games? Does she have any other works planned? Find out with this video!

Steph Su offers up some pretty interesting Mockingjay predictions at her blog. Only 2.5 days (kinda) until we find out is she's right!

Lori at Pure Imagination has posted a group of songs that are Required Listening for the Hunger Games. Check out her list and add to it if there's a song missing.

WriterGirl cooked up an awesome stew in honor of Katniss's favorite Capitol dish. There's a great vlog, recipe, and even step-by-step pics at her site. I might have to try this on say, the 24th of this month! That is, if I can pull myself away from Mockingjay long enough to cook/ eat.

Novel Novice has collected an awesome cache of shopping sites and links for all of your Hunger Games needs. Everything from jewelry to a board game to a stamp. I'm going to have to explore this later and order my release-day outfit!

The Compulsive Reader is holding a contest to win an awesome Hunger Games jacket. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Extreme Reader Book Reviews is offering up a copy of Mockingjay (among other titles) to a lucky winner. Check it out!

Novel Novice has some gorgeous Mockingjay desktop wallpaper for you! Time to redecorate.

Steph Su shared her Mockingjay release day plans with her readers on her blog.  Sounds like fun! And, she has her outfit all picked out. I need to get going on that...

The Eclectic Book Lover posted a bunch of great predictions for Mockingjay.  I bet she's right on a couple of these!

The folks at Novel Novice are asking for help in creating the best cast for a HG movie. Vote here!

Smitten With Books is hosting a Mockingjay Countdown Event with lots and lots of great prizes and contests. Can't wait!

Forever Young is offering up a Mockingjay Pin to folks who support Team Katniss (of which I am clearly a member!). She also has a couple cool badges for your blog. I'm going to get one!

Julie at the Book Hooked Blog posted pics of a reenactment of the Hunger Games, complete with t-shirts and fake blood. Pretty spectacular!

The Hunger Games is the top YA read, according to Adele of Persnickety Snark and her readers. And me. And lots of other people, I bet.

Adele of Persnickety Snark penned (keyed?) a break-up letter to Team Gale. It's awesome. And funny.

Novel Novice posted a collection Hunger Games book trailers. All of the trailers are made by fans and they're pretty awesome!

Sara of the First Novels Club went through the Disney Princesses, predicting which one could survive in the Hunger Games. Check out her blog to see which one she thinks has a shot!

Julie at the Book Hooked Blog created an entire cast for the movie version of the Hunger Games. Check it out!

The Lost Entwife is holding a Mockingjay giveaway--Just visit her facebook page and RSVP for the giveaway.

Novel Novice is holding a vote: What song best represents Hunger Games? Catching Fire? Put in your two cents at their site!

Check out these awesome Hunger Games Ts made by the students of Lenzi Likes It! I'm totally stealing this idea when we get back to school.

Novel Novice just kicked off their thirteen day (13 Districts= 13 Days) countdown to Mockingjay! They're going to have tons of info and giveaways and special features, so be sure to check it all out.

Jacki of the Lovely Little Shelf blog is giving away a Mockingjay pin (Just like Katniss's!) to one lucky person. I'm hoping that person is me, but will be happy for whoever wins!

The League of Extraordinary Writers is offering up TWO Mockingjay pre-orders for lucky fans. So, if you don't win my giveaway, maybe you'll be lucky there. And, you should just know about their site because they're all awesome and stuff. 

Read sarahem's review of Catching Fire and check out her awesome Hunger Games T! I love it!

The Book Hooked Blog is collecting Hunger Games Haikus. Head on over to add yours to the mix! Here's mine:

Just two weeks away--
Gale and Peeta and Katniss
Hope they are ready.

Hot Topic is now carrying Hunger Games T's. And, they're actually pretty cool. 

Book Club Girl asks some great discussion-style questions in her review of the first book in the Hunger Games series. Thought provoking!

Tired of peace and happiness? Watch your most beloved YA characters fight to the death, Hunger Games style in the YA Fantasy Showdown (Starts 8/10).  Maybe we, like the citizens of Panem, will fear revolt by watching our favorite friends drop like flies? Or, maybe we'll storm Scholastic headquarters and take what's ours...All of those Mockingjay pre-orders! Just kidding. Geez.

April of Good Books and Wine shares her thoughts on Catching Fire and her predictions for Mockingjay. Some pretty interesting ideas in that post!

The Official Mockingjay 13 District Blog Tour Schedule: Make sure to check out each of these blogs as they are all hosting separate events. Pretty darn exciting, if you ask me!

Erika of Erika Breathes Books has created an awesome cast for the movie version of this series. I am in love with several of her choices, including her Rue and her Peeta.

The Smitten With Books Blog is going to host a three-day celebration with giveaways and such. There's still time to join forces with this blog and add to the giveaway.

Do you "like" this series?  Well, I love it, but on Facebook that's not an option. Join me in "liking" it on Facebook!

And, make sure to enter my giveaway of this book. It's international and all you need to do to enter is to leave a prediction for book three. I've loved reading what you all think is going to happen so far. I have my own predictions that I'll share before the 24th.

Here's a link to my post of the Official Mockingjay trailer, which doesn't reveal all that much. But, I've still managed to view it about 30 times looking for hidden clues. None so far; I'll keep you posted!

Haven't read the books in this series yet? You're not alone! There are others! Join them at the Book Club Girl Blog and read these books together. There's definitely time to catch up.

Emily of Emily's Reading Room is looking for bloggers/ librarians/ readers/ writers to create vlog predictions for Mockingbird. Check out her original post for more details.

The Secret Adventures of a WriterGirl blog offers up a bunch of suggestions for Mockingjay release parties. I love the Haymitch cocktails, cupcake decorating, and trivia ideas.  Here's hoping that my local bookstore does something fun...Hint, hint! (Already emailed the link for this post to the owner : )