Character Connection: Haymitch Abernathy

The Introverted Reader has invited us to share our favorite characters. Since I am currently Hunger Games-obsessed, all of my picks are going to come from this series. Check out her blog and share your favorites! **There may be some spoilers in this post, so be warned if you have not read the first two books in the Hunger Games series!**
Haymitch Abernathy is, in my opinion, an underrated character. He is famous for be a drunkard and a rapscallion, but he's no fool.  In fact, I'm going to put it out there: Katniss and Peeta would not have survived the Hunger Games (twice) if not for their mentor. I've not really spent too much time thinking about Haymitch's part in their success, but honestly--without Haymitch Katniss would've blundered her way into an early grave and Peeta would have, well, not been saved by Katniss. 

And, there's a sort of mystery lurking in Haymitch's past. I feel like he's haunted by the years of mentoring and the piles of teenage bodies who he's seen sent off into the arena. He's revolutionary and calculating, but not without heart. In fact, he probably cares more about Katniss and Peeta than himself. That's just how he is. 

I'm not giving away any of my Mockingjay predictions until the day before the book comes out (so, 8/23), but I will say that I think Haymitch will make some sort of sacrifice for the sake of Katniss. That's all I'm going to say about that. 

My favorite actor candidate to play Haymitch is Hugh Laurie. I don't really know anything about this man, and I hate his TV show, but he has the right used-and-abused but used-to-be-handsome look for me. I think he's perfect. 

Any additional thoughts on Mr. Abernathy?