Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free Audiobook Serial: Tell Me a Secret

Tell Me a Secret - Free Audiobook PodcastSo, maybe you've heard about this, maybe you haven't. I'm just going to say it in case you've somehow missed this. Because it's awesome.

Holly Cupala is offering up her book Tell Me A Secret in serialized audiobook podcast format.  Every week or so, there will be a new chapter available. I just listened to chapter one, read aloud by Jenna Lamia. It's fantastic. Her voice is perfect, and Lamia's reading is filled with passion and emotion.

I downloaded my copy on itunes, but there is an RSS option for non-mac users. To get your free chapter, visit Holly's site, click on the "audiobook" link in the upper right hand corner (it's a whispy font). There, you'll find more information about this offer.



  1. Oh thanks for the info, I will be checking this out and download so I can listen to it on my drive back and forth to work.

  2. Thank you, Mrs. DeRaps, for posting about the audiobook - and I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying it! I just love her narration (of course, I am biased).


  3. Thanks for posting about the free audiobook. I've been wanting to read this and now I can listen to it too!



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