Once Upon a Read-a-Thon: Favorite Fictional Characters Mini Challenge (2)

For this Once Upon a Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge, the folks at the Eager Readers blog asks, "What is your favorite fictional couple?"  One couple should be from a book and another couple should be one that you create from two different books. Kinda like a main character blind date, right?

My first couple comes from a lesser-known YA book called I Had Seen Castles by Cynthia Rylant. I teach it in summer school, and kids pretty much love it universally. It's a story about a teen boy named John who is just old enough to enter into WWII after Pearl Harbor is attacked. He has all of the machismo and lives a pretty privileged life, though he takes that for granted. Basically, he's a pretty typical teen boy living in a big city during the 1940's. He's a good character.

But, then there's Ginny. Ah, Ginny. I just love her. She and John meet when he bumps into her on a trolley and she gives him a little what-for. She's vibrant and cool and interesting and beautiful. But, she comes from the "other side" of Pittsburgh--And Johnny does not. She does not see going to war as a rite of passage, and she has struggled more in her 17 years than Johnny has ever dreamed of.

There is this one scene, right before Johnny goes off to war, where he and Ginny get drunk on vodka. I almost cry just thinking about it. Okay, so maybe you think I'm crazy and that I shouldn't use this with teens, but come on! They get drunk and Johnny gets vulnerable and it's sweet and desperate and as real as any YA book comes. These two are not fated to be together forever, but just for a while. And, that's what gets Johnny through the next few years of combat. I love these two kids.

For my blind date, I'm going to set up Edward Cullen from Twilight with Miranda from Life As We Knew It. This sounds like an odd match, and indeed it is. I feel like Edward likes to be in control and plays a sort of savior role toward Bella in the Twilight series.

Unlike Bella, Miranda truly needs someone to save her! She's dying from lack of food after the moon basically crashes into the Earth and leaves our planet without sunlight. So, Edward could help her find food or, if that doesn't work, he can make her into a vampire and they can feed off of survivors until they are the last "people" left. Edward will end his accursed life and Miranda won't starve to death. It's perfect!

Hope you liked my couples. Off to see who you're all choosing!