Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge (1)

The first assignment in the Summer Break Reading Challenge is to list the books that I hope to read this summer. This is a toughie, because my TBR list keeps getting longer and longer with every great book review I read online. Here are some of the titles that have risen to the top of my list:

Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

Hold Still by Nina LaCour

The Bite of the Mango by Mariatu Kamara

The Pace by Shelena Shorts

And there are many, many more that I hope to get to. Un/fortunately, I am taking  two graduate courses and will need to read all kinds and sorts of stuff for these classes. But, I know that I cannot read what's assigned alone. I am a master procrastinator, and will read all sorts of YA!


  1. I loved BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE. Definitely get to that one.

  2. I have had Bad Girls Don't Die on my TBR shelf for quite a while, but the other titles are new to me. I will be looking forward to your reviews.

    Have fun with those Grad classes, Thankfully, after two masters and a whole lot of debt if I ever take another class it will be for enjoyment, not school.

  3. Great choices for the challenge. Bad Girls Don't Die Looks really good.

  4. Great list so far. Ive been meaning to read The Pace. Be sure to let us know how it is! :)



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