In My Mailbox (5)

 In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren. Check out her site!

This week was an awesome week for books. I received way more than could actually fit back into my mailbox. The ones that I decided to truck back down there are those that I won from online bloggers or writers.

And, it was pouring outside this morning! Good for the 48 Hour Book Challenge, because there's absolutely no temptation to spend time outdoors, but bad for book who don't want to get rained on!

In my mailbox this week, I received:

An ARC of Faithful by Janet Fox: This title came to me from YA author Holly Cupala. I've never traveled to the great North West, so this book intrigues me. It takes place in Yellowstone, so the title is probably related to Old Faithful, the geyser. From reading the back of the book, though, I have a feeling that the meaning of the title goes much deeper. There's love and coming-of-age story and betrayal and perhaps a little violence. This is a 2010 debut author and the book sounds like it's a great read! Thanks Holly Cupala!

A Two Chapter Preview of Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala: Ms. Cupala kindly sent me a preview of her book Tell Me a Secret. What did I do when I opened my mailbox and found it there? Why, I stood there reading it until I was finished! (Luckily, I live on a dead end road.) I was mesmerized by the first two chapters of this book. It's about a teen girl whose sister died five years before the novel starts. This sister was pretty wild and a bit of a mystery. In her attempt to be more like her sister and to figure out her sister's secrets, Miranda ends up with a secret that will change her life forever.  I can't wait to read the entire book.

Gorgeous Bookmarks from Tara at 25 Hour Books: I won these bookmarks as part of the 25 Hour Books Read-A-Thon. They are gorgeous! I've already started using them. It's fun to match them with the books I'm reading. Thanks again!

And, there's Shady. He's not at all impressed with the rain. Not that he really cares about getting wet. He just notices a dramatic lack of fun whenever it starts raining. Plus, there was some pretty severe weather yesterday--An actual tornado and thunder and lightning. He shivered and shook all day long. Maybe this is why he wouldn't even walk with me to the mailbox this morning?