Cover Love (5)

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I feel like I talk about The Book Thief and my love for Markus Zusak's writing an awful lot, but I'm okay with that. I've been listening to The Book Thief on CD in my car for about three weeks now. It's almost 14 hours long and I'm almost finished listening to it.

I'll write more about this CD version later, but just in case you're curious, it's amazing. Like, really amazing. Anyway, this is a post about book covers, so I'll get to talking about that.

There are three covers for this book. This is the one that I've read from (and it's the cover of my audio book.) I like it because there is a scene in the book where Rudy is playing with dominoes, and one of his siblings notes that they look like bodies piled up. (Not an exact quote, but you get the idea.) Since this is a book about life in Germany during WWII and the Holocaust, it seems to be a pretty appropriate choice for the cover. This is probably my favorite cover of the three.

This is my next favorite cover, and it's a pretty close second. Though this book is based in such a serious time period and involves heavy topics, there is a certain amount of whimsy and wonder to it. The entire book is narrated by "Death"--Ever present during this time period. In this book, though, Death is not a Grim Reaper type, but a sort of reluctant collector of souls and bodies. I like this cover because it gives the feel of the book. I believe that this was the hardcover artwork.

The third cover that I found for this title is my least favorite. As I mentioned previously, this book definitely covers some serious issues and situations. Like life, though, all is not bad. There is still laughter and love and smiles and victory and friendship even during wartime. This book shows us that life does go on to and people make attempts at normalcy even in the most strenuous, violent, and unpredictable of times. To me, this cover doesn't represent all of that: It only shows the tragic elements.

What do you think? If you have not read or listened to this book yet, you really should. It's a long read, but I've read it 3 times now and listened to about 10 hours of it. I just can't recommend it enough.