Book Review: The Good Thief

I belong to several book clubs, and each has their own focus or taste. The first book club I ever joined is still going strong with about ten or twelve members. We've been reading and discussing and snacking for about six years now. We read one book a month (sometimes two) and meet year-round.

This month's book club title was one that I suggested. I hardly ever suggest titles because I want to open my reading choices and be exposed to titles, authors, and genres that I might not select for myself. I also want to read a new title every month and feel weird suggesting a title that I've never read. But, I somehow new that The Good Thief was going to be an awesome read and it certainly was.

Actually, it was better than good. It was amazing. I was hooked from the start. I've read some Dickens and loved the sort of underworld adventure that he provides to his readers. The Good Thief is like an American version of Oliver Twist, complete with creepy bad guys, corrupt adults with lots of power, and cute little orphans that you want to scoop up and adopt. And, it's set in New England either at the turn of the century or just before.

Aside from its characters, the writing in this novel is just plain good. There are no parts that I would want to change or add to or take away from. It's pretty perfect just the way it is. I think that adults and young adults would love this book equally. I haven't talked to any of my book club members in advance, but I'm sure that they are going to love this title just as much as I did!