We Made It! Readergirlz Mentions The Chick Lit Book Club

One of my favorite blogs/ sites ever is readergirlz. I love the book reviews, author interviews, and the way that they pair awesome songs with books. when I first read about Operation Teen Book Drop on this site, I knew that the Chicks in our local Chick Lit Book Club needed to get involved. And did they ever! In a few short weeks, the Chicks raised money (about $60) and used that money to purchase six new titles for a variety of classroom, local, and school libraries. We trekked all the way to Barnes and Noble (about an hour's drive) and had a great time reading backs of books and deciding how to best spend our loot. And, we ate lunch and consumed lots of good coffee. It was pretty darn exciting!

Without further rambling, here is a link to the readergirlz site where you can see our Chick Lit Book Club info and picks and such! I need to go pinch myself to make sure that this is all real!