Book Review: Legacy

I bought this book because I thought that it would be good for the guys in my classroom. I am not the best at keeping my YA reads gender-neutral, and I felt like I needed to beef-up my free reading selections for my male students. I couldn't expect them to read Sarah Dessen and Ellin Hopkins picks all the time!

Tom Sniegoski's Legacy is a guy pick. For sure. It's about an eighteen year-old drop out named Lucas. Lucas works at a local mechanic shop and is living in a trailer park with his mother. This is until his perfectly average life is interrupted by a man he never expected to meet--His father. And, it turns out that his father is a wealthy, crime-fighting superhero. Though Lucas is not initially excited to meet him, he doesn't have too much time to hate his father because evil murderers descend upon the trailer park and destroy it. Now, Luca must train to use his own super powers to take the place of his ailing super father.

This is an action-packed read. I can't say that it I was totally enthralled with it, but I can think of some guys who will be!