Spring Break Reading Challenge: Obstacles

Today's assignment for the Spring Break Reading Challenge is to:

1) create a blog post talking about the things that prevent you from getting things done. It could be reading, updating your blog, or anything else you try to do and 2) can you come up with a plan to get past your obstacle?

I can honestly say that there are a lot of distractions when it comes to me taking the time to do what I'd like to do. Some of these distractions are necessary: paying bills, working, dishes, walking the dog, etc. Others, though, are not necessary. One huge factor in my distraction is that I live in a large loft-style one room house. It's a house and it has rooms and is not teeny tiny, but it is one room. This would be okay if I lived alone, but I married a wonderfully boisterous and enthusiastic man. And then we purchased a one room house. Crazy.

So, I'm interrupted a lot in my reading. We've figured out some ways to lessen noise--He wears headphones while playing piano (we bought a beautiful electric piano) and while watching his favorite (and my least-favorite) action films, and I read aloud to him at night to keep him from wanting a TV in our bedroom (I am firmly against this!).

But, there are times when noise is unavoidable. I've learned to take advantage of peace and quiet when it comes. I also wake up earlier on weekends so that I can blog and get work done without distractions. This works because my husband and dog love to sleep in. In this situation, the old adage works: Where there's a will there's a way.