Spring Break Reading Challenge: Create-A-Cover

This is a super cool challenge! What a fun way to start my Wednesday! Here are the instructions for this part of the Spring Break Reading Challenge:

1. Get your author name
2. Get you book title (the verb provided)
3. Type your verb here and find a book cover
4. Use picnik or another site/ app to create your cover
5. Write a short summary of your novel and create a post!

And, without further ado, the latest title from Katharina Winkel is:

Everyone is watching Ava all the time. She walks down the hallway at school and feels the weight of thousands of eyes burning through her. They all know what she did. And they all hate her for it. Is Ava ever going to be free of that one night, that one life-changing choice? Will she ever learn to live with her decision? Or will it finally break her?