The Holiday Break Reading Challenge: Book Title Sentence

Check out the Holiday Break Reading Challenge page to see all of the awesome book title sentences created by participants! Here are the instructions from Ms. Karin the Librarian
Today's activity requires you to create a sentence out of the books you have on your shelves. The main words for the sentence must come from the book titles, but you can add a small word or two in order to help it make sense if you need to. Just put your added words in [brackets]. You can use as many book titles as you want, but use at least 3. Here is my book title sentence:

A little hard to read, so I'll write it out. I added a couple of words.

Bloodthirsty accomplice hidden [in] dark water [for] the long weekend.

I had a couple of cute ones going, but I always go for the dark and dramatic in the end!