Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Another New Year: My BIG Blogiversary Giveaway

This January marks the end of my first year of blogging on DeRaps Reads. I have had so much fun, met so many cool people, and have read so many great books that I cannot help but want to celebrate. Those who know me well know that I love parties and holidays and fun, so I am going to try to make this blogiversary a little more exciting by planning to host a series of giveaways. Not one, not two, but ELEVEN awesome giveaways. And, I'm hoping that some of these will contain more than one prize.

I am just in the planning stages of this huge event, and would like some feedback. I want to know if you like the idea of staggering the giveaways so that there are several days of giveaway fun, or do you think it would be better to have a few large ones?

I am also in need of a cool button for this giveaway. I would *attempt* to make on myself, but am overwhelmed with work, grad school, and getting new books on my free reading shelves for my students. Anyone who'd like to design a button for me? Maybe someone who can do this relatively quickly? I'll give you some sort of gift for doing so!

Please feel free to leave a comment or two about the topics I've mentioned in this post. Thanks for you support!


  1. Will ANY of these be international?

    Hope people make buttons.

  2. I can make you a button. Surprise gifts are always fun. :)
    Email me and let me know some specifics (colors, button size, etc.):

  3. @ Lesley: Thanks! I'm going to email you straightaway.

    @ Cass: Absolutely! I'd say at least half, because I'm going to offer up some pre-orders and some new books from the Book Depository. Hope you'll join in the fun!

  4. I think the staggering the giveaways would be a great idea! :) That way your celebration could be longer and who doesn't love to celebrate?!

  5. If you still need a button, let me know.

    I like the idea of staggering the giveaways, but both ideas sound fun.

  6. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to stagger the giveaways and save a big one for last. I've already created two of the posts and scheduled them for January. But, I'm open to idea for the others...I have nine more to go!

  7. Sounds very exciting, can't wait to see what you've got lined up!

    Wish I could help you with the button but it took me forever to make you mine!

  8. @ Vampires and Tofu: Your button is extraordinary! Love it! And, love your blog title. I'm a big fan of Tofu. And vampires : )

  9. I love the idea of staggering the giveaways. It would be more fun to enter multiple giveaways for everyone, I think. I am not good at making buttons otherwise I would love to help :) I'm sure someone out there is creative enough and has the time to though!! Congrats, this sounds like fun! I would love to participate.

  10. it sounds HUGE. one of my other blogger buddies staggered her give-aways - which I thought was so much fun.

    also, it was god as I only entered the book giveaways that i genuinely wanted to win :)

    you've certainly made a huge splash in the blogosphere!


  11. I agree with the idea of staggering them-- sounds awesome!

  12. Congrats! sounds exciting, can't wait to take part. Gosh I'm blogaversarying then too and I haven't even thought about it! hahahah
    You're so prepared!!

  13. I prefer Many giveaways over several days instead of a few big giveaways (=more winners! :))

    Looking forward to this!

  14. Ooh, how exciting! I like the idea of spreading giveaways out. There's something exciting to look forward to every day! Plus, there are more winners. Maybe there could be a week of buildup, and then any extra giveaways could be on the day of your actual blogiversary? I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide!



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