Halloween Read-A-Thon: Mini Challenge

 One of my favoritest blogs, Vampires and Tofu, is hosting a mini-challenge for the Halloween Read-A-Thon. Why do I love this blog so well? Because the content is well-written, the reviews are thoughful, and the blog design and layout are gorgeous. Love that blog.

So, I am going to participate in whatever's going on over there. It just so happens that what's going on is related to the Halloween Read-A-Thon, which I'm all signed up for. Here's the challenge:

Your mission for this challenge is to grab the scariest book you have and leave the opening sentence from it in the comments. Be sure and leave the name of the book and the author too!

Well, I don't really keep any of the books I've read at home. Most books that I read and write about are all YA, and I bring them to my students as soon as I'm done. So, I had to pull from the adult section of my shelves (admittedly small, about 100 titles or so, but stocked full of good reads). Here's my choice for this challenge:

"It was as black in the closet as old blood."

Makes you want to keep reading, no? 
Here's the book that this first line is from:

Not really a young adult book, but chock full of creepy goodness!