Dewey's Read-A-Thon: Hour 6 Update & Mini Challenge

Yay! I'm home. After finishing the SATs, I ran some errands and got some lunch. There's a soup place on my way home called Soup For You (a take on Seinfeld's "No soup for you!" Soup Nazi). I ordered some spicy bean chipotle soup. Yum.

Before I left work, I decided to prepare for a time away from my current reads by downloading a book. I already had the first chapters of Holly Cupala's Tell Me a Secret, so I grabbed the remaining eleven chapters. I managed to listen to the first five chapters during my travels. Wow. I love the reader for this book and am totally sucked into this story. I might play it again later if I decide to do some housework. That's a rather big "if" at this point, but the thought of listening to this book is encouraging me more than the pile of dirty laundry in the basket. We'll see what wins out.

So, I haven't finished The Scorch Trials, but am loving it. It does have me puzzled, but I'm sure that it'll start to make more sense soon. Hopefully.

Here's my shorter-than-short microfiction story for I Heart Monster's challenge. I wrote so much more, but had to eliminate some to meet the 100 word limit. It's exactly 100 words. I hope it make sense!

Here it is:

I glide through the hall, eyes downcast. My mind races. Please don’t look, please don’t, please. Chancing an upwards glance, I see no one looking. I am holding my breath. I need to breathe. In, out. In, out.

Finally, my locker. The combination’s automatic; I don’t have to think. The locker sticks, I use some muscle to open it. I jerk upward. slamming my shoulder into it. One quick movement. My eyes dart around from behind my bangs. No one’s looking. Good.

As I pull the door to my locker open, it all falls out. Everyone turns; points. They know.

*   *   *

Cheerleaders and visitors--Thanks for all of the encouragement and feedback. You all rock the mostest!