Literary Gems: Banned Books Week

As part of my being a quirky English teacher, I wear lots of book-related accessories. Some of these are silly, others are more serious. This week, I am sporting a few items that I purchased recently in my efforts to promote Banned Books Week.

Here are the items that I now own and am wearing/ bringing to school:

Banned book covers bracelet from the American Library Association store

Banned Book Week tote from the American Library Association store

Here are some other items related to Banned Book Week:

 List of Banned Books bracelet from Cobweb Corner on Etsy

     Banned Books pin from Zazzle

Cool interchangeable magnet reading/ I read banned books necklace from Polarity on Etsy

If you don't have any fancy Banned Books Week baubles, don't fret. The best accessory to carry around this week is an actual banned book!