Mockingjay Countdown: Mini Challenge 3-5 (Day 3)

Thanks to Morgan at Smitten With Books for hosting this awesome Mockingjay Countdown challenge! It made the wait go by so much faster, and I've loved thinking about my favorite characters in new and different ways!

Here are my responses to parts 3-5 of today's challenges:

Challenge 3: For the third mini challenge of the day, I want you to name your favorite Hunger Games character and why you like them or admire them the best.

I'm going to skip over Katniss as my favorite character and head for someone else. I do love Katniss, but I'd like to give someone else a little more limelight right now. 

One of my favorite characters through out this series has been Peeta. I know that I always say that Katniss should end up with Gale, but I need to give Peeta some credit for how brave and reliable he's been to Katniss. From the time they were children, Peeta seems to have had a love for Katniss that has just grown and grown. Though I don't know that they'd make the perfect couple, they certainly make the perfect team. And that's why I love him. 

Challenge 4: For the fourth challenge, I want you to state which one of the hunger games books you liked the most. All you need to do is put the title of the book (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, or Mockingjay).

I'm a little torn with this question, but I think that I'm going to say that my favorite book in this series is the first. I only bought this because my local bookseller promised that it was going to be the most fantastic book that I could possibly read and share with my students. So, I bought it. I didn't really want to, but I did.  I will forever trust that man!

I think that I'm choosing the first as my favorite because it was the one that hooked me initially. If it hadn't been so provocative, so profoundly different from any other YA I'd read, and has included such a strong main character, I doubt that I'd have read the others in the series. The first is where my love for the citizens of Panem formed, and that's why I'm choosing it as my favorite. 

Challenge 5: For the fifth and last challenge, I want you guys to state the one thing you love most about Katniss. I know everyone has a special spot in their heart for the character, and I want to know why. Please explain your answer.

I actually realized why I love Katniss so well this afternoon as I was reading Mockingjay. She's been threatened, attacked, almost killed, used as a pawn, lied to, and put on an impossible pedestal, but she genuinely cares about people. She'll come to the aid of anyone who is suffering and does not take her own well-being into account when she does. It's like she doesn't think--she does. Others around her might be playing some sort of game, but she's not. She's all about helping others and keeping those that she loves and who she feels are innocent safe. I admire this. 

And, she kicks some serious butt. 

Thanks again to Morgan at Smitten With Books; this has been a fun set of challenges!