Summer Break Reading Challenge (4)

Today's assignment for the Summer Break Reading Challenge asks participants (there's still time to join!) to embark upon a scavenger hunt. How fun is that? And, it's going to be a great way for book bloggers to learn about new reads, authors, and blogs.

Here are the items on the list and my *findings*:

1. A blog that is new to you that focuses on the same type of literature you do (ex: I read YA so the blog would need to focus on YA).

I just stumbled across the Chick Lit Teens book blog a couple days ago. I found this blog and decided to become a follower for two reasons: It is a great blog with a variety of posts and I am the adviser for the Chick Lit Book Club at my school. So, I love books that are written for chicks! 

2. A book that is new to you that another blogger reviewed.

I've been thinking about purchasing Rage by Julie Anne Peters for some time. I have some Buzz Bucks at Random Teens and this option has been looking like a good use for those bucks. I was unsure as to whether this was a smart decision, though, because I'd not heard much about this title. Turns out that Rae of In the Forest loved it and highly recommends it. I think I'm going to go for it!

3. A book set in Africa (in your preferred age category, if possible).

Actually, I have a book sitting on my TBR shelf that fits this category. It's called The Bite of the Mango, and it's set in Sierra Leone. I'm interested in reading this book because I teach a book called A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, which is also set in Sierra Leone. I like to find companion books for the ones I teach in case some of my students are inspired to read more on a given subject. SMS Book Reviews gives this read 4 1/2 stars. Sounds like I won't be disappointed!

4. A book about a human/animal bond (in your preferred age category, if possible).

Maybe this will sound too easy, but I'm going to choose Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater for this one. I'm not the biggest fan of paranormal lit (and especially paranormal romance) but I LOVED Shiver. I mean, I had read the Twilight series and rooted for Jacob at times, but I was never super into the whole paranormal genre. Shiver made a convert out of me, so Linger is definitely at the top of my wishlist right now!
5. A book trailer for a book you want to read.

Well, to piggyback on my last answer, the book trailer for Maggie Stiefvater's Linger is absolutely gorgeous. It's breathtaking. And it must have taken forever to create. I can't wait for July 20th!
 6. A book with a color in the title.

One of my favorite historical YA fiction books of all time is Copper Sun by Sharon Draper.  It is an epic tale of a young girl's forced journey from Africa to the United States via the slave trade. It is beautiful and painful all at the same time. I've had several students read it and love it. It's a story that will not soon leave you. 
7. A blog that is new to you that is dedicated to a certain genre (ex: only books about vampires, only historical fiction, only urban fantasy, etc.)

Parajunkee's View is not necessarily new to me, but it is new-ish to me. I've been following for a few months and really, really enjoy it. I find that the information on this blog is well-organized and the reviews are well-written. It's a go-to blog for all of your paranormal activities! 
8. A book blog maintained by a librarian. 
The first librarian blogger that comes to my mind is Karin the Librarian (nice ring, eh?), but given the fact that she's hosting this challenge, most readers will probably already know of her blogs. So, the next librarian that pops into my mind is Kristen from Bookworming in the 21st Century. What a fabulous and well-maintained blog she has! You should totally check it out. Another librarian whose site(s) I frequent is Kathy from Inside of a Dog. Awesomeness.
9. A book blog maintained by a teacher.
So, I'm going to mention more than one teacher blog. I think that we teacher/bloggers need all the props that we can get and choosing just one teacher blog would be like choosing just one favorite student. I'm just not that kinda gal! Here are some of my all-time favorites, in no particular order:
10. The title of an upcoming book by an author you like.
One of my most anticipated new releases for this year is Grace by Elizabeth Scott I am so excited to read this book that I almost can't stand it. Sure, I (like everyone else in the world) am waiting impatiently for the release of Mockingjay, but I love a good realistic read, and love to learn about other cultures. 
Grace was selected from a young age to be a suicide bomber. This is just about all that I know about this book right now. I have heard lots of great reviews about this book, so I know that it's not going to let me down. I think that this book will be great for discussions with teens about the US's role in the middle east and the feelings of those who have been affected by the was in Iraq/ Afghanistan. I cannot wait to read this one!

  This was awesome! I can't wait to publish this post and go look at all of the others!