Join in the Summer Break Reading Challenge

I have to admit that I love reading challenges and read-a-thons. As it turns out, I am a better reader and blogger when I have deadlines and assignments and such to keep me reading. I get so much more done when I know that I need to. That's how it was in college, and that's how it is with my blog.

Not that I would ever classify reading or blogging as homework. Believe me, this is what I do to escape my actual graduate homework and my correcting for school. This is my escape, but I just work more effectively with a plan. I also find that reading challenges ask me to think differently about the books I'm reading. When I'm asked ot design a new cover or write a poem about a character, I process the book in a different way. It's fun.

If you're like me and would like to join a summer reading challenge, I highly recommend Karin the Librarian's Summer Break Reading Challenge. Karin's challenges are always thoughtful and interesting and it's an awesome way to meet new bloggers. If you're interested, visit her site, follow the blog, and join in the fun!