Cover Love (3)

I just finished reading Catherine Gilbert Murdock's Dairy Queen this weekend. For this week's Cover Love (hosted by Linna at 21 Pages, I decided to check out the various covers for this book. The old hardcover and paperback covers are part of the reason why I waited to read this book for so long. But, when the time came to select our title for the May Chick Lit Book Club book, I thought that this would make a nice end-of-year choice. And, I was right. The Chicks have has great things to say about this book, and I feel the same way. (I'll review this title in a later post.)

Here is the hardcover version of this title. I didn't really think that it looked like a great read, and I don't really feel like this cover portrays the plot of the novel (or the personality of the main character) all that well.

This is the cover of the book that I read! I liked having a vision of the main character and her friend/love interest, because I was not sure that they were going to stay friends or make a relationship happen. I think that it connects to the plot and the main characters in this book.

Here is a wacky cover from Germany. I don't understand where this comes from and it almost makes the story seem silly. This is not a humorous read! It's a great story, but not because there are funny cow outfits in it!