Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cover Love (3)

I just finished reading Catherine Gilbert Murdock's Dairy Queen this weekend. For this week's Cover Love (hosted by Linna at 21 Pages, I decided to check out the various covers for this book. The old hardcover and paperback covers are part of the reason why I waited to read this book for so long. But, when the time came to select our title for the May Chick Lit Book Club book, I thought that this would make a nice end-of-year choice. And, I was right. The Chicks have has great things to say about this book, and I feel the same way. (I'll review this title in a later post.)

Here is the hardcover version of this title. I didn't really think that it looked like a great read, and I don't really feel like this cover portrays the plot of the novel (or the personality of the main character) all that well.

This is the cover of the book that I read! I liked having a vision of the main character and her friend/love interest, because I was not sure that they were going to stay friends or make a relationship happen. I think that it connects to the plot and the main characters in this book.

Here is a wacky cover from Germany. I don't understand where this comes from and it almost makes the story seem silly. This is not a humorous read! It's a great story, but not because there are funny cow outfits in it!


  1. Some cool covers!!!
    It reminds me of Going Bovine by Libba Bray, have you ever read it?
    Tks for your Cover Love!

  2. I got some Going Bovine vibes too- that's a book I've been hearing tons of good things about, so it sounds like I must check it out.

    I love the dairy theme you've got going on here! Tons of personality, I can see ;D Thanks very much for participating this week, it means a lot to me ^^

  3. I haven't seen this book before, but I just added it to my wish list.

    It's interesting to see different covers for the same book. Sometimes it changes my perception of the book (unless I've already read it).



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