Cover Love (2)

Cover Love is a meme that I found on 21 Pages and decided that participate in because I, too, love looking at book covers. The past time Linna from 21 Pages ran this meme, she talked about a book that had multiple covers and which of the covers she preferred.

I also want to talk about a book with multiple, gorgeous covers. I'm choosing The Adoration of Jenna Fox, which is a great read. I'm going to review this book soon, even though I read it months ago. Apparently, I never wrote a review. Crazy!

I read this book when it came out in paperback. Here is the version I read from:

I like this cover because it is definitely related to the plot and subject matter of the book. I found myself looking back at it as I read and it actually helped me to predict where the book was going. I thought that the face on the front cover matched the character pretty well and I loved the puzzle pieces.

Here is the hardcover cover, which I love but have not read from:

I like this one because I love butterflies. I think it's related to the plot of the book, though less directly than the paperback cover. It seems to be a play on the Butterfly Effect that is the subject of the Ray Bradbury short story "The Sound of Thunder". I read that short story in high school and kept thinking about it while reading this book. Less of a direct connection to the text, but still interesting and beautiful to look at.

I like these covers less. They still seem related to the plot, but are not as beautiful or interesting to me. I like that the cool blue color has been maintained in each of the covers, but I just don't really care for these covers as much.