Book Review: Going Bovine

This week's book is one that I actually won online from Teens@Random. It's called Going Bovine and it was written be a new favorite author of mine, Libba Bray. To win it, I completed a series of super fun assignments and earned points. I then "shopped" for a book and chose this one because I'd heard so much about it.

Interestingly enough, I read all the time and my husband is a virtual non-reader. He has read four or five books in the seven years that we've been together. I read at least four or five a week! (Note: My husband is very intelligent and I have the utmost respect for his talents.) But, as I started this book one night before I went to bed, my husband leaned over and started reading this title over my shoulder. He feel in love with it and we proceeded to read it aloud together every night for about a month. (It's a looong book!)

I have to say that this book is a crazy awesome adventure. There is absolutely nothing predictable or formulaic about this plot. There are twists and turns on every page. Basically, Going Bovine is the story of a 16 year-old boy named Cameron. He's not the coolest kid or the smartest kid, but when he contracts a form of Mad Cow Disease, he becomes a kids with a lot less life span than your average teen. When an angel named Dulcie urges Cameron to escape his hospital bed to save himself and the world, Cameron starts a wacky, unreal (or is it real?) adventure with his new friend, a hypochrondriacal little person named Gonzo.

This quest is not an easy one and the duo must go through many, many perilous stops in order to reach their destination and find a cure for Cameron's lethal disease. Along the way, you'll laugh out loud and hope for the best. Because, you surely won't want the adventure to end, no matter how many pages this book ends up being! My husband rates this as his favorite book of the decade, which puts it right above the three that he's read thus far!