Armchair BEA: My Dream-y Panel

Tonight, I am choosing an Armchair BEA topic close to my heart: My dream author panel. Before I explain which authors I'd choose to have on this dream-y panel, I would like to state that I am happily married and super in love with my husband, who is real and not imaginary.

Unlike this husband who is very real and is really watching some corny medical drama right now, I have a bit of a book crush on two YA authors. I don't even know much about these authors, but have kind of created them as characters in my head. And, they are super fantastic in my imaginary world, where this dream panel of authors exists and answers everything I've ever wanted to know and says all of the right things, things that fit with my imaginary vision of who they are.

Who are these mystery men? Why John Green and Markus Zusak, of course! Who do I crush on them so crazily? Because they have written the best books I've ever read, period. I mean, Shakespeare's great and everything, but is there a better screwball comedy than An Abundance of Katherines? Elie Wiesel is an amazing author and I love his Holocaust memoir, Night, but The Book Thief? Hello. It's only one of the most amazing books ever penned, anywhere. (Disclaimer: I know that Night is true and The Book Thief is fiction. I know that Wiesel is a genius/ prophet/ fighter for human rights.)(But, have you ever read The Book Thief? Enough said.)

My dream panel would consist of these two authors. And, in this dream, I could probably muster the courage to actually talk with them, maybe even share a casual laugh or two. In reality, I would never be able to utter an intelligent intelligible syllable in front of these two geniuses. So, I will continue to sit here and dream good dreams in the safety and comfort of my leather recliner, while my actual dream man sits and finishes watching prime time melodrama. Reality is not so bad.