Three Blogs I Love, Love, Love

Today's challenge for the Neverending Bookshelf asks us to give a shout out to blogs that we love. I follow a bunch of blogs and look forward to checking them every day. In fact, I am sad when I go to see updates for my favorite blogs and no one has posted in a while. Here are three of the ones I check regularly (in no particular order):

Good Golly Miss Holly
I love this blog because it's organized and interesting and has cool memes. I often am inspired to read books or agree with book reviews written by Miss Holly. Plus, there are lots of cool contests offered on Miss Holly's blog. I've entered a bunch and have yet to win--But, participating is the most fun!

The Book Jacket
Karin the Librarian is awesome. I kinda started my love of reading YA book review blogs with Karin's site. She has a bunch of blogs, so make sure that you search around and check them all out. Each one is great in its own right, but I usually find myself checking this blog first. I don't know how Karin keeps her blogs so fresh and full of information and such. I think maybe she's cracked the time/space continuum code or some such science-y thing.

Bookworming in the 21st Century
This site bring everything together for me. There is a ton of information and it's kinda like a meeting place. This is where I go to learn about a wide variety of YA lit, challenges, events and ideas. This site is full of links and interviews. Check out it, but plan to spend some time there because there's a ton of good stuff available!