Clear Away the Clutter Read-A-Thon: The Final Day

Today is the final day of the Clear Away the Clutter Read-A-Thon. For Activity #7, there are two ways to participate. Here are the options for participants:

Activity #7 Choice 1:

As book lovers we know the value of a good book recommendation. As part of my Recommend Me meme, I have started a list called Neverending Reads. On this page you will find two categories: Stand Along Books and Books in a Series. Both of these links will lead you to a listing of novels that I have enjoyed and would recommend to other readers.

For this activity, all you need to do is visit my Neverending Reads page and recommend a title by submitting the book's information to my form. It can be a Stand Along Book or a Book in a Series... or if you are feeling generous, one of each. Once you have completed this activity, please leave a comment on this post. Since the form does not ask for the name of the submitter, every one is on the honor system.

Activity #7 Choice 2:

What is a Read-A-Thon without a wrap-up post? So, since this is the final day of the Read-A-Thon, all you need to do for this option is create a post telling us how you did. You can include how many books you read, any blogs that you were introduced to, how you cleaned away the clutter... the choice is yours. Once the post as been completed, just leave a link to your actual post in Mr. Linky.

I chose to complete the second activity rather than the first because I like the idea of a wrap-up post. Here's what I accomplished during this challenge:

Books Read: 7 (I'm currently in the middle of three more)
Reviews Completed: 5
New Blogs Found/ Followed: La Femme Readers, Red House Books, Escape in a Book, A Good Addiction

Awesome Connection: Krithi from Pages and Dreamer asked if anyone would like her to make blog buttons for free, and I asked her to help with mine. She's awesome and talented and creative and I can't wait to show my students her blog! Check out my new button for this blog on my sidebar. I'm going to create a longer post about this later on my literacy blog. Thanks Krithi!

All in all, this was a successful week. I cleaned up some of my TBR shelf just in time to stuff it full of eighteen new YA titles I received as part of a grant for my classroom. So, I have tons and tons of books to read now--BUT--they're mostly new titles and not ones I've had hanging around too long! Thanks to the Neverending Shelf for inspiring all of this De-Cluttering and spring cleaning!