Spring Break Reading Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

How exciting to wake up on this beautiful Saturday and find a fun challenge to complete! I love spring! For the Spring Break Reading Challenge, here's what I need to do:

1 - Using keywords related to your interests, find a blog that is new to you. Be sure to give us the Blog Title, Link, and Short Description of the Blog.

2 - A blog belonging to an author from a book in your To Be Read pile (just a random one if you don't have a To-Be-Read pile).

3 - A bo
ok releasing THIS MONTH you want to read.

So, here goes.

Scavenger Item #1: I am super interested in literacy. I am currently working towards a master's degree with a focus in literacy education. I read quite a few blogs that have to do with literacy in the various grade levels, but there's always room for more! When I googled "literacy blog" I found a number of cool and interesting sites, but one stood out. Literacy Through Photography is the site I chose to share for this challenge. I love the idea that blogging, images, and language came come together in such a dynamic way as is presented in this blog. And, the photos are super powerful. I'm now a follower and can't wait to check out what's happening with literacy around the globe!

Scavenger Item #2: On my To Be Read List is a book that I just know I'm going to love. And, after checking out the author's blog, I know that I'm going to love the author too! This book that I have yet to read is called the Hate List and it was written by Jennifer Brown. I love that she talks about other YA books, shoes, and Shakespeare in one space. That's my type of girl!

Scavenger Item #3: This one was a little tough. There are a bunch of books coming out in April that I really want to read, but this assignment specifically asked for THIS MONTH, as in March. So, I read up on the latest March releases at Teenreads.com and found out that Split by Swati Avasthi is being released this month. I've been admiring this cover for some time and have even read up on it at Teens@Random. The premise of this novel sounds mysterious and intriguing--I can't wait to order a copy!