Spring Break Reading Challenge: Status Update

Today's Spring Break Reading Challenge assignment is a reflective one. It asks participants to reflect on whether or not we've accomplished any of our goals this week. Are we disappointed with our progress or have we gone above and beyond?

I think that I've accomplished quite a bit this week. Now, some of these accomplishments are not related to this challenge, but are accomplishments nonetheless. Here's a breakdown of completed tasks that fall outside the realm of this challenge:

-I successfully tutored a struggling math student for three hours after school on Tuesday. (Geometry is not my bag, so this felt like a huge accomplishment for me.)

-I presented to about 100 faculty and staff members on Wednesday. And people listened. That's good.

-I trained via phone/ web connection for an upcoming webinar on real-world writing in the classroom. I'm going to talk about blogging with students and how it's improving their writing.

-I went for a walk with a friend yesterday. A much needed, long one!

Okay. So that's it for accomplishments related that are unrelated to this challenge. My goal for the duration of this challenge was to find poems/ poets/ ideas for National Poetry Month (which is April). Here are a couple of poems I've found:

I plan to use these poems in I've also found a couple of resources that I can use in for poem-writing prompts. I'll probably change the basic idea or structure of most of these because they're a little generic, but I think I could use these two suggestions:

I've also found an interesting idea for poet trading cards. For this activity, students would create baseball-style cards with stats and a picture and a sample poem. This might work nicely for Poem in Your Pocket Day. This is as far as I've gotten. Any poem suggestions/ ideas are appreciated!