Book Review: Just Listen

I have to admit that I had a super hard time getting interested in this book. I can't exactly say what it was that kept me from jumping right into this story, but I wasn't "feelin' it", so to speak until about page seventy-five. This is disconnect is unusual because I've read a ton of Sarah Dessen and have always loved her stuff. Like, love loved it.

Maybe it was the main character? Part of the story that emerges about this character, Annabel, is that she keeps her distance from her family, from her ex-friends, from everyone. It's almost like she's closed off to the reader for most of the book, too, which makes it hard to truly understand/ care about her.

Once I got into this book, I could not stop. Like, my husband was pleading with me to come to bed, to turn off the light, to look at him. I couldn't leave Annabel once I cared about her. She turned out to be an amazing young woman with a powerful story. I ended up wishing that this book would continue on past its 450-ish pages. I wanted more.

So, if this book doesn't hook you right away, give it some time. It just might grow on you!