On My Wishlist: Poem in Your Pocket

Every April, National Poetry Month comes around and I get an excuse to be an out-and-out poetry dork. There are all kinds of great poetry promotions that happen in April, but the coolest and funnest is definitely Poem In Your Pocket Day. On this day, you can print out or write out a poem and carry it around in your pocket all day. I've used this celebration in my classroom with my students and it has been enormously successful.

Now, to add to this most excellent celebration, there is a Poem In Your Pocket book. This book is a collection of poems that you can carry year round. These poems in this book can literally be ripped out and put in your pocket. I can think of no better item to land in my pocket than a poem. So, I know I need to take this great book off my wishlist before this April. I'll post more about National Poetry Month before April comes along.