On My Wishlist: Some Girls Are

Each week, I'll profile a book that I have on my amazon.com wishlist. (This list is many, many miles long and I add to it weekly, if not daily, so there's no chance I'll run out of titles to talk about any time soon!) I decided the other day that it might be nice to start a sort of weekly column where I can talk about books that I want to read, rather than just talk about ones I've already read. Hopefully, kind readers of this blog will then give thumbs-ups or thumbs-downs (sounds weird) to reads and let me know where I should spend my (little its) of money.

My first pick from my amazon wishlist is Some Girls Are by Courtney Summer. There is a FREE GIVEAWAY for this book on the ultra-cool site The Book Jacket. So, you can enter to win and let me borrow this book if you win it and read it and like it!

So. I placed this book on my amazon wishlist on December 17, 2009. I love that you can look back and see exactly how long something has been on your wishlist; sometimes I'll buy a book only to save it from having been on my wishlist for two or three years! Anyway, I found this title through the little suggestion bar thingy that pops up after you've placed a book in your shopping cart. I always check out the suggested titles because I've found so many great ones that way.

What appealed to me about this novel? Well, the cover is pretty awesome. Also, the book has a 5 Star rating on amazon. This is a promising sign. In reading reviews and the synopsis of the book, it reminded me of some that we've read in our Chick Lit Book Club here at school. It's apparently about a teen girl who is being chewed up by the rumor mill at school. She is crushed under the weight of these rumors, but it seems that she has been guilty of spreading rumors in the past.

I am intrigued to find out more about the main character, Regina's, story. It's described on amazon by one reader as being "dark and intense". Those of you who know me know that this is my forte. I love gritty, real, disturbing YA Lit!

I hope to read this book soon and see if it'd be a good one for the Chick Lit Book Club or possibly as a lit circle pick. If you have a chance to read it, let me know what you think!