On My Wishlist: Dizzy in Your Eyes

This is a fairly new addition to my amazon wishlist. I heard about it on the Random Buzz site (where there's a free giveaway of this title) a few weeks ago. This year, I'm using tons and tons of poetry with my students. This is mainly because of Poetry Fridays, where I introduce a new poem for each of my English classes every Friday. I love this weekly feature and so do my students, but the tricky part for me is that I always match the poem to whatever text we're reading. And, when you teach English 9-12, this can be a bit of a tricky feat to pull off on a weekly basis.

So, I'm always looking for collections of poetry for young adults. It's great to use the famous poets of today and yesteryear, but frankly, I want some fresh, YA-focused poetry to get my kids excited about language. This collection of poems seems like something I need to keep this whole Poetry Friday thing going. It contains 50 poems, written in a variety of poetic forms, and it's FOR teens. I think I like that combination.

So, I don't forsee this title being stuck on my wishlist for too long. It seems like it's a title that I can't put off for too long. Poetry Friday is calling!